Daylight Saving Time

By | November 2, 2008

The daylight saving time ends on Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 and the official clock will be moved back one hour at 2:00 am. That means when the clock strikes 2:00 am, it will turn to 1:00 am. Remember to adjust all your clocks and replace them with fresh batteries if necessary.

In spring, we have to move our clocks one hour forward, and in fall, we have to move our clocks one hour backward. We do this every year and it has become a part of our lifestyle. But what is the reason behind this? Are we playing with time? What is the purpose of Daylight Saving Time?

I did some research on the history of Daylight Saving Time. There are many stories about the creation of the daylight saving time. One story is that some rich and powerful man wanted to prolong his golf games and decided to extend the day by one hour during the summer. Another story is that during the World Wars, the United States need to save fuel and increase factory productions by making the days longer.

Regardless of the how it came about, the idea of the daylight saving time is to save energy. Apparently, by shifting the clock one hour forward during the summer we would better utilize the sunlight outside and save electricity by not turning on our home lights.

However, there are arguments that the daylight saving time may not help save energy. One study from the University of California found that people from Indiana actually used more energy during the summer. In an article from National Geographic News, they agree that energy is saved during the evening from not having to turn on artificial lights, but energy is used during the morning to turn on artificial lights before sunrise, and therefore it is a wash-out effect. In conclusion, there are questionable benefits of the daylight saving time, but while we have this law, it serves as a great reminder to put in new batteries for our portable time-keeping devices.

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