DGI Portfolio Monthly Report for 2015-09

By | October 5, 2015


This post is a monthly update to track the performance of my DGI Portfolio. The goal of this portfolio is to build a growing stream of passive income to achieve financial freedom. The strategy is to buy companies with dividends that are sustainable and increases over time. All the dividends are automatically re-invested in the stocks to buy more shares of the same companies.




Portfolio Holdings:

Symbol Current Price Quantity Current Value Annual Dividends Prorated Monthly Dividends
CVX 78.89 101.391 $7,998.74 $433.95 $36.16
VZ 43.49 202.357 $8,800.51 $457.33 $38.11
T 32.56 202.706 $6,600.11 $381.09 $31.76
JNJ 93.32 100.805 $9,407.12 $302.42 $25.20
GSK 38.45 200 $7,690.00 $464.00 $38.67
O 47.39 200 $9,478.00 $457.20 $38.10
OHI 35.15 404.546 $14,219.79 $890.00 $74.17
POT 20.56 200 $4,112.00 $304.00 $25.33
IBM 144.92 80 $11,593.60 $416.00 $34.67
MIC 74.66 150 $11,199.00 $666.00 $55.50
Total $91,098.86 $4,771.98 $397.67

Note: Cash balance not shown here.

Dividend Payouts This Month:

Symbol Date Amount
CVX 9/10/2015 $107.00

Monthly Total: $107.00

Total Dividends Received (Cumulative): $552.67
*This is the total dividends received since the inception of this portfolio.


Account Balance
Beginning Balance: $76,862.13
Ending Balance:     $76,381.71
Net Gain/Loss:      $-480.42 (-0.60%)

Added $20,000 deposit, new account balance is $$96,381.71


Funding Status: 100% Funded
I have added another $20,000 to the portfolio this month. And now the total deposit to this account is $100,000, which is 100% of the planned $100,000.

Portfolio Update
I have changed the title format of this series to “DGI Portfolio Monthly Report for yyyy-mm.” This will help keep all the titles organized, with changes to only the month and year, and for search, the results would come out more neat.

This month has been volatile in the stock market. The Feds had decided to keep the rates the same as before and it doesn’t look like the market was happy with that decision. It leaves uncertainty as to when the rates will go up.

I took advantage of the drops in the market to pick up some of the great names that I have been monitoring. I have added three great dividend growers: IBM, POT and MIC. I also had swapped out of ED. I like ED a lot, because they are very stable and reliable, but since their dividend growth is slow, I decided to trade it for a dividend growth company. I’m trying to look at the long term picture and hopefully all this will work out the way I project it.

I have a little bit of cash left in this portfolio to add to my shares if necessary. The market has make many of my holdings a lot cheaper now and I’m trying to figure out which shares to add. CVX seems like a good one to add now since oil seems to be stabilizing. But JNJ also a great one to add, because they a stable stock to hold in any market and I can see they grow their dividends over the long term. POT’s stock price has been slammed by the market. So there’s definitely a bit of thinking to do. Stay tune for the next monthly report to see what I decide to do with the remaining cash.

Currently, my monthly passive income for this portfolio is at $397.17. I believe this number will increase over time due to the repurchase of shares in those companies and also when there are dividend increases, this number will also get adjusted upward. My goal is to have $2,000 in dividend income a month by the year 2020. Once I have more data, I can plot the trajectory of growth in this portfolio. I think I’m off to a good start for now.

Happy investing!!


Updated 10/25/10: Added account value


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