DiscoverCard $100 Cashback Bonus (Targeted Offer)

By | October 6, 2014


DiscoverCard Targeted Offer $100 Cashback Bonus

DiscoverCard recently sent out a targeted offer for a $100 Cashback Bonus. The offer is:

Earn $100 Cashback Bonus when you spend $1,000 or more by December 31, 2014.

This was sent to me because I haven’t used my DiscoverCard for some time. I went online and signed up for the offer. This comes in a good time because I plan to make large purchases from the Apple store to meet their minimum spend.

In addition, there’s a Quarterly 5% Cashback Bonus from DiscoverCard that I signed up for Online Shopping and Department Stores:

You’ll earn 5% Cashback Bonus on up to $1,500 in Online Shopping and Department Store purchases, now through December 2014.*

I plan to spend at least $1,500 for online shopping at the Apple Store which will also allow me to meet the minimum spend from the $100 Cashback Bonus offer. After the purchases are made, I expect to receive cashback from both offers, $100 from the first offer and $75 (5% of $1,500) from the second offer, for a total of $175 in Cashback Bonus. This would give me way more cashback than my highest 2% Cashback credit card, which would only give me $30 cashback for the same spending. Also, with Discover Cashback Bonus, you can use it to receive eligible gift cards that Discover usually give extra bonus amounts on them.


Below are the details of the $100 Cashback Bonus offer from

Here’s how you can earn the extra $100 Cashback Bonus®

Enroll by November 1, 2014 and make a minimum $1,000 in purchases by December 31, 2014. Discover is not responsible for merchant delays in processing transactions. This offer is in addition to the Cashback Bonus you already earn on purchases with your Discover card. Rewards are added to your Cashback Bonus account within 8 weeks of December 31, 2014. If you need more information on this offer, please call 1-800-Discover.

Here’s how you earn Cashback Bonus on every purchase

• You can earn 5% Cashback Bonus on category purchases up to the total purchase dollar amount specified in each program. Categories change throughout the year every three months and include movies, gas and restaurants. You must sign up for each 5% program.
• You automatically earn 1% Cashback Bonus on all your other purchases after your first $3,000 in qualifying annual purchases. Your first $3,000 in qualifying annual purchases and warehouse purchases earn 0.25%.
• You can also earn 5% to 20% Cashback Bonus at top online retailers through our exclusive online shopping mall,

Reasons why your Cashback Bonus account will be forfeited

Your Cashback Bonus rewards have no expiration date; however, if your account is closed for any reason or inactive for 18 consecutive months or if you fail to make any Minimum Payment Due for two consecutive billing periods, any Cashback Bonus in your Cashback Bonus account will be forfeited.

International purchases under this offer

International transactions are qualifying purchases under this offer. For a full list of countries where you can use your Discover card, visit

Transactions that do not qualify under this offer

Balance Transfers, Cash Advances or Cash Over are not qualifying transactions under this offer.


I noticed that DiscoverCard likes to stay on top of their customers, especially if you haven’t used the card for some time. Have you received any offers from DiscoverCard?

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  1. jane

    I received the same offer and i must sign up before Feb 28, 2015


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