Dividend Growth Investing (DGI) Portfolio Update for July 2015

By | August 10, 2015


This post is a monthly update to track the performance of my DGI portfolio. The goal of this portfolio is to build a steady and growing stream of passive income for achieving financial freedom. The strategy is to buy companies with a healthy balance sheet and a strong growing business. All the dividends are automatically re-invested in the stocks. Reinvested dividends help purchase more shares of the stocks and that helps produce more passive income.

Account Balance
Account Balance at start of month: $49,588.33
Account Balance at end of month: $49,372.44
Net Gain/Loss for month: $-207.94 (-0.01%)

Added $10,000 deposit, new balance is $59,372.44

Symbol Current Price Quantity Current Value Annual Dividends ($) Avg Monthly Dividends
CVX 85.21 100 $8,521.00 $428.00 $35.67
VZ 46.67 200 $9,334.00 $440.00 $36.67
T 34.57 200 $6,914.00 $376.00 $31.33
JNJ 99.81 100 $9,981.00 $300.00 $25.00
GSK 43.45 200 $8,690.00 $464.00 $38.67
OHI 36.7 300 $11,010.00 $660.00 $55.00
Total $54,450.00 $2,668.00 $222.33

Note: Cash balance not shown here.

Dividend Payouts This Month:
Total: $0

Funding Status: 60% Funded
I have added another $10,000 to the portfolio at the end of the month. And now the total deposited to this account is $60,000, which is 60% of the proposed $100,000. The new balance is now: $59,372.44

The DGI Portfolio was pretty balanced out for this month because it was more diversified. Unlike in my IRA Portfolio, I have only one holding in the oil sector, which is CVX and it weighs less than 15% of the entire portfolio. CVX performed poorly for this month, however, fortunately, my other holdings had gains to offset its losses. Ultimately, my balance was almost unchanged for the end of this month.

Additions to Portfolio
I also took advantage of the weak market this month to add one of my favorite REIT companies, Omega Healthcare Investors Inc (NYSE:OHI). The company has strong revenue, great earnings and a bright future ahead. The fear of interest hike has created a small sell-off in many REITs. I think it was a good opportunity to pick up 300 shares of OHI in my DGI Portfolio because it has the characteristics of a income growth stock.

With the addition of OHI to my holdings, my average monthly income is now $222.33. The average monthly income number will be my top focus for these posts, and I hope to increase this average monthly income over time.

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