Don't Throw Away… Reuse

By | December 24, 2007

Reuse means to use the same item again, generally for a different purpose. As opposed to recycle, which means to break down the product and create a new item using the old materials, reuse extends the life of the product.

I am a huge proponent of reusing products. I do not like the idea of “wasting stuff.” Moreover, reusing products saves money and possibly time. I often find ways to take products that are no longer useful in its original context and use them for something else that becomes useful. Here are some of items that I frequently reuse:

Used Plastic Bags
I use the grocery bags for my trash. I save up all the bags from shopping and use them for my waste basket.

Used Dryer Sheets
I use them to wipe my desk and LCD screens. They may not be good for your dryer anymore, but they are great for picking up dust.

Old Newspaper and Magazines
I use them as table spreads for meals. They are great for keeping my table clean of food stains and spills. Once the meals are finished, I throw the papers away.

Used Plastic Jars/Containers
I use the plastic jars/containers to store packaged sauce, like ketchup, salt and pepper. I also use them to store plastic forks, knives, and spoons.

Shipping Boxes
I reuse the shipping boxes as storage boxes to keep my apartment organized. I stack up the boxes to save space.

Advertisment CDs
I received tons of CDs from AOL in the past. I used the CDs as coasters.

Expired Visine Tear Drops
My unopened boxes of Visine tear drops had expired. Instead of throwing them away, I reused the fluids to clean the lens on my glasses. And it works great.

If you also reuse items in your home or office, please share your experience.

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