Dow Closed Positive on Black Friday

By | November 28, 2008

Dow 8,829.04 +102.43 +1.17%
Nasdaq 1,535.57 +3.47 +0.23%
S&P 500 896.24 +8.56 +0.96%

The Dow closed positive for the fifth consecutive trading day. Five trading days ago, on November 20, the Dow closed at 7,552, and today, on November 28, the Dow closed at 8,829, a whopping gain of 17%!! What does this mean? Should we start piling in our money and start loading up on stocks. As good as the Dow graph looks for the past five trading days, I think we should still proceed with caution, as we are still in a bear market. I would wait for a small pullback (I don’t like to buy after many days of the stock prices going up) and then test the water with small positions.

Dow Closing Prices
28-Nov-08 8,829.04
26-Nov-08 8,726.61
25-Nov-08 8,479.47
24-Nov-08 8,443.39
21-Nov-08 8,046.42

20-Nov-08 7,552.29

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