DVD: Biography – J. Pierpont Morgan: Emperor of Wall Street (2005)

By | March 30, 2007

Everyone on Wall Street has heard of the name J.P. Morgan, but few knew how he had achieved his success. This DVD goes into his life and tells you the story of the super ambitious man.

J.P. Morgan became a millionaire at a young age and could have retired but his dreams were bigger than that. He was good at interacting with people and a highly skilled business man with vision. He saved the U.S. from bankruptcy two times and became a man with extraordinary power. Because of the government’s dependency on him, Theodore Roosevelt knew something had to be done. Thus, Roosevelt created the Federal Reserve.

Aside from business, J.P. Morgan was a fine art collector. His art collection was so huge, he opened a private art gallery to store his paintings, which later became an art museum.

The DVD covers the biography of his life and not much about his business strategies and ways of thinking. I see it more like a summary. If you’re interested in learning about J.P. Morgan’s life, then rent this DVD.

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