DVD: Wall Street

By | March 19, 2007

Wall Street is about a bright, young stock broker, Bud Fox trying to make it to rich and fame. On his way he finds a shortcut, and his whole life gets affected by it.

The story begins with a normal work day for Bud. He walks to his office and finds his little tiny desk space and starts making cold calls, all day. He gets rejected more times than he can count, but that is the life of a stock broker.

He realizes he would need to take an order from a whale (a.k.a. someone loaded with money) to make big bucks. But he is at the bottom of the workforce, how can he talk to the big money man? Through his wits, he figures out a clever way to meet with him in person. And that one meeting changes his life. He goes from the bottom of the class to the top.

Then he realizes things aren’t so easy at the top. Sometimes the business even gets “dirty.” Eventually he realizes he isn’t happy about what he is doing, despite earning more money. Consequences of his previous actions catches on. And things start to fall apart in his life.

He finally sees the whole picture and realizes his mistakes. He decides to turn everything around. At the end, he does what is right.

I thought the movie was really good. It reminded me of Boiler Room, which was actually based off this movie. For those interested in taking short cuts to big bucks, I recommend watching Boiler Room and Wall Street.

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