By | February 15, 2007

Tyler of Smart Capitalist told me he was learning Dvorak. I looked up “Dvorak” and did some reading on it. It claims to be more efficient with typing in the English language, but then I’m so used to QWERTY, I can type pretty much effortlessly with QWERTY. At the peak of my training, I typed up to 80 wpm with good accuracy. I’m pretty sure if I spend some time training myself in Dvorak I can type that fast too, but I see no benefit in switching at this point. It’s not like I type for a living. I can still type 60 wpm in QWERTY if necessary. Most of the time, it’s the contents I dwell about rather
than the speed.the speed.

Tyler’s response:

The biggest difference is that all the special characters like < and > are in more accessible positions. I guess that is also the “.” character. That and I must have gotten really bored. It seems people can type about 100 wpm with DVORAK..

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