Earn 100% Per 3 Days

By | June 4, 2007

A Motley Fool’s article, Earn 100% Per 3 Days.

Needless, to say, if anyone tells you that he can help you make 100% per 3 days, you should look for the nearest exit. Don’t be tempted by the ferocious and fictitious claims. There are no guarantee returns in the stock market.
You may get penny stocks in the mail telling you that it will increase by 1000% in the next few days. Penny stocks carry a huge amount of risk. In the game of risk vs rewards, it’s good to reduce risk while still exposing yourself to high rewards. From Motley Fool investing style, look for companies that are:
1. Small
2. Cheap
3. Led by dedicated management
4. Fiscally conservative
5. Profiting from a wide market opportunity

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