Ebaying my junk

By | April 4, 2005

I live in a small apartment but I have a lot of boxes and things I don’t use lying around the place. I’m going to see what I can trash and what I can see on ebay.

As I was cleaning I dug up my first cellphone, a StarTac from the late 90s. I put it up on ebay and sold it for 20 bucks. After fees, I may end up with a little over $15 net. I was lazy. If I had sold that phone a few years ago, I could have made around $100. I still have my second old cellphone, a Motorola V60i. It’s been sitting on my desk for a few years. Again, time is money. I think the phone has lost 90% of its value already. That’s what happens when you procrastinate.

Yup, I guess I can say the same thing with your life. You put off valuable time, and you’ll be paying for it in the future. Don’t believe me. Ask kids who fooled around their first year of college and see how long it took them to finish college. Just staying one year later in college would have cost them a year of salary. That’s easily $40 – $50K, and imagine having the money to invest one year earlier, it would’ve given you a huge edge over the competition. And career-wise, that’s one year work experience you missed out on.

One thought on “Ebaying my junk

  1. ~Dawn

    We are on the same wavelength… lol.
    Thanks for the cisco heads up, I’ll look into putting them in my portfolio.


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