Expired Rebate Check

By | December 19, 2012

I was going through my old paper mail and I found a rebate check from Panasonic, but it was expired. I must have left it there and forgot about it. Fortunately, the amount of the rebate is small, but the lesson is big. I have always let these little things slip my mind, from leaving them aside for too long. This has happened with credit card statements and other financial statements, where I can up paying fees and those fees can add up over time. The lesson is that I should always be mindful of these things. A good habit is to always deposit your rebate checks or any check as soon after you receive them.

Lesson: Always deposit your checks soon.

I find myself having the same issues with my Groupon vouchers. If I don’t use them soon after purchase, I tend to forget about them and they expire and I lose the value of the deal. I try to use the vouchers as soon as possible, even if the expiration date is far away, to prevent the vouchers from being forgotten and expired. Groupon allows you to redeem the amount of the voucher you paid for, but sometimes you may end up spending more to claim that voucher in the store.

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