FIA Card Services Offers Bonus Cashback for 4th Quarter 2010

By | October 14, 2010

FIA Card Services sent me a special offer letter to enroll in their 4th quarter of 2010 bonus rewards for selected qualifying merchants. Qualified purchases could earn up to 20% cash back until December 31, 2010. The bonus cash back limit is capped at $25 for the period.

The following are Qualifying Merchants:

  • Outback Steakhouse – 10% cash back
  • Subway (Sandwiches) – 20% cash back
  • Fandango – 20% cash back
  • Barnes & Noble – 10% cash back
  • Netflix – 20% cash back

I enrolled online with my Fidelity Rewards American Express card and received a confirmation message. The cash back bonus is generous, however, the selections are very limited. The only merchant that I would likely be making a purchase from during this period would be Subway (Sandwiches). Check your mail to see if you have received this special offer from FIA Card Services. The offers are targeted and may be different for each person.

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