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By | June 7, 2005

I’m exploring Fidelity’s website and want to see what kind of investment options they offer. Fidelity is well-known for actively managed funds. They seem to have a nice online trading website with a wealth of tools.

I see they have something called Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). If anyone know about or have experience with these type of services, let me know.

I know some wealthy people hire investment advisors or money management folks to invest their money. Where do they find these people? And what do these adisors and folks do to make money?

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  1. Khyron

    Becoming an RIA has nothing to do with
    Fidelity or any fund company or a brokerage (unlike getting your brokerage licenses – Series, 6, 7, 63, etc.). ANYONE can become a Registered Investment Advisor, last I checked, by paying a $150 fee to the SEC (IIRC, please correct me if I am wrong) and doing some paperwork. The RIA is nothing special and has no intrinsic meaning.

    Money managers seem to be forged in the crucible of time and experience (and commensurately, bad choices and the learning that goes hand in hand with them). At least, good money managers. Their records are what lead people to invest money with them. And I’m sure many of the better known ones are not RIAs. They may have the licenses, *maybe*, but again, the RIA has no real power to it. Again, my information could be inaccurate or dated, so if anyone can add to this, feel free. As always, YMMV.


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