Filing Taxes

By | March 1, 2007

I still haven’t filed my taxes yet. I have been receiving a lot of tax statements in January and February. It’s now March 1st and the bell is ringing. I have to do a lot of preparation before I can send my tax statements to my tax accountant. This year’s 1040 is going to be the most complicated since I started filing. Gone are the days when I just filed online by myself and filled out my W-2 income.

I received a dozen tax statements from various financial institutions. I have my own company, my rental property, my stock investments, my CDs, my bank interests, my student loan statements, and my mortagage statements. I am going to file as a sole proprietorship this time, so I’ll be paying self-employment taxes. I have a lot of stock transactions for 2006, it’s going to be a pain to fill out the Schedule D, especially when I stopped keeping track in MS Money. The thought of matching all the transactions manually scares me enough to procrastinate until near the deadline.

But I don’t want to wait until the last minute. I have a lot of paperwork to prepare for my tax accountant so he can process the 1040. I can’t delay it any longer. I’ll have to get everything ready by next week.

Have you filed your taxes yet?

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