Finance Talk with Sister

By | March 27, 2005

I talked to my sister who’s still in college today about early investing and starting to be in control of her fiananes. The good thing is she’s studying nutrition and she’s going to be a dietition so she can related how starting early can make a big difference in the future. Because in health, it’s never nurts to start eating healthy and getting doses of exercises at a young age. Just exercising 15 minutes a day can keep benefit you more than you think.

The trick that we concluded is implementing habits in our life. I told her that if she puts aside $50 a month, she will have a nice sum of money over time. She told me that if I would do 5 minutes of exercise in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon/evening, I will be more healthy. Every little bit helps.

The pay-yourself-first method really works. Try it.

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