Financial Education in Demand

By | January 13, 2006

A great article on Scottrade News. Perhaps some of us can hold a seminar together for these kids.


Boomers Want Advisors’ Help With Kids

As baby boomers prepare for retirement, they want from their financial advisors than just competitive investment returns. Boomers want planners to help them teach their children about finances, something this free-spending generation done, according to a new study on retirement released Ameriprise Financial Inc. (AMP). The survey of 2,000 adults between ages 40 and 75 on retirement and financial planning. One of the more findings was that boomers want help teaching their children about money. More than half – 52% – said the most valuable financial planning services would be “advice to help your children become more financially savvy.” Boomers are worried about their children’s financial capabilities. These concerns “often outstripped worries about own retirement preparation.” Boomers think their children will face more “economic complexities” and less job security,” and they hope they better job of saving than their parents have done.

One thought on “Financial Education in Demand

  1. Jay Gatsby

    Boomers had the obligation to teach their children financial responsibility and planning. By now, Boomer children are in their early-to-mid 20s, and have fled the parental nest (for college or the working world), thereby placing themselves outside of an environment where their parents can influence their spending/saving habits. Boomers are essentially looking for someone to ensure that their kids don’t squander the money they spent their entire lives making.


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