Finding A Company With A Great Returns Policy

By | December 20, 2013

If you are wondering if you have made the right choices with your Christmas presents, or you are not too sure on one of the gifts that you received this year then it might be time that you consider the returns policy of a company before you make a purchase. Some companies do returns better than others and I have found an article that highlights some of the better ones.

Returns Policy

It is possible that there are some really great companies out there that consider the needs of the customer and as long as certain criteria is meet then the returns policy might surprise you.

This article that I have found might make you wish you had waited to purchase some gifts because the policies seem too good to be true. It looks at 10 of the best return policies that you might be able to find. They are some of the best deals and there are occasions when you don’t even need you to find the receipt for the goods.

Companies need to have a policy that can take into account for the different needs of a person and the many errors that are purchased as gifts that just aren’t suitable. Wrapping a gift certificate with the purchase allows the product to be returned without seeing the value of the item, but once you get to the till you are going to know this price so it is best not to judge a person or your friendship on the amount that they have spent on you.

  • Zappos

This company offers free shipping service on domestic products you can also get free shipping back to the company if there is a problem with the product. What makes this even better is that you have a whole year to return it, but it does have to be in original packaging and not worn or used, unless it is broken. What is even more amazing is the deal they offer if you purchase an item on February 29th of a leap year, you have till the next leap year to return the goods, this means the company is giving you four years to see if you like it.

This is great for a company that is selling shoes and clothes, these items are sometimes purchased by many and they are never worn or the labels even removed. This gives a person the time to make the decision to return the item in the original condition and could be a great way to claw back some money if you have been over indulgent in the past.

  • Nordstorm

This article suggests that this is one of a kind company and the way they achieve this is by not having a returns policy, they are there to take the consideration with every customer and the circumstances that have required the customer to come back with the purchase.

This is good news for the clothes shopper that might have over spent in the holiday season, if they haven’t worn the item then they might be able to return it and get their money back. There is the option if purchased on-line that the company will pay for the return item to be posted back to themselves at no added cost to the customer. This is brilliant news when the cost of shipping parcels always seems to be on the rise.

  • Anthropologie

There seems to be a theme running for the fashion industry and that is to offer the customer free returns and a great length of time for which you can make up your mind about an article. As long as you have the receipt and the card that you originally used in the transaction you will be fine if you decide that the item of clothing just isn’t for you.

  • Athleta

Again a company that is putting the needs of the customer first before sales and customers are allowed to change or ask for a refund of the cost of the item if it is unused and comes in the original packaging, you don’t even need the receipt for this company.

  • Costco

You will find that there are more restrictions on the time scale that you have to return the item. Which is important that you know the date that you have to return an item by, it can give you the time to see if it is the right product for you, but I would be cautious if you wanted to return it that you do need to make the decision reasonably quickly.

  • Kohl’s

Here you might find that if you have left it slightly too long you might end up with store credit rather than a refund of the money that you paid. But don’t stress, you don’t have to act fast they give you a year to decide what you want to do, which should be enough time to decide.

  • Eddie Bauer

The article suggests that with this company you need to be careful because they will give you a refund but if you have had the parcel shipped then they take an amount from the return and this is the shipping cost that you must pay. As with any company you must consider the value of the item and the amount that is deductible for the shipping and this can be either $6 or $8.50, if the cost of the item is less than these amounts it does make you wonder if the return is worth sending.

  • Target

They do seem like they are trying to work with the customers on their return policy, but they do have certain restrictions and conditions that you will need to follow if you are looking for returning an item. It is important that if you think an item isn’t suitable then you need to look at the returns policy quickly so you don’t miss out.

  • Land’s End

You need to be careful when you are looking to return a product to Land’s End, you might end up with a credit note or a gift card to use in store. This means that you are then restricted to only using that shop for the re-purchase of an item that you actually want. They will also deduct an amount for the shipping of the item back to themselves and this will mean that you need to be reassured that the shipping costs are worth the replacement that you are offered.

  • Bloomingdales

You do need to check out the store policy for returns but they are prepared to work with you to make sure that if the item is un-used and still has the tags in place then they will try and find the sale for you so it is possible to get the refund without needing to produce any receipts for the item.

The article then suggests that Land’s End has the best returns policy, but I am not sure that some of the other companies try to go one step further than this one, I am undecided and I think I would wait and see the service that I would get from each company before making what is a personal choice depending on how you are dealt with as an individual. How have you faired with these companies?

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