Found a Tax Accountant

By | March 3, 2006

I usually file my own taxes because it’s pretty simple. I just take my W-2 and 1099-INTs and entered them in tax software and submit my 1040 electronically. However, in 2005, I purchased an investment property and I believe it’s better to have a professional handle my tax return this year. I’ve been asking around for a referral to a good tax account that can not just help me file but one that can also answer questions and help me plan out taxes for the year.

I got a referral from one of my friends who told me about his accountant. His accountant seems to handle his tax return very well so I contacted his accountant. I got a quote for $250. I thought it was a little high even for my kind of tax return. It may be an investment property but it’s relatively easy. But my friend said he’s worth the price, so I’m planning to go with his accountant.

How much do you pay to file your taxes? If any of you have an accountant that you want to refer in the NYC area, please let me know soon.

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