Free Magazines Giveaway

By | March 21, 2007

Is there such a thing as free lunch? Probably not. But I’m offering free past issues of financial magazines. I’ll even pay for shipping charges. Sometimes it’s hard to give away things because people are skeptical. And if I tell you there’s no catch, you won’t believe me. So I’m going make a catch for you, to settle your skepticism. I will send you the magazines on my dime and in return you’ll promise me that you read them. For proof, you’ll have to submit to me at least one post about what you’ve read in the magazines. I will publish your post and let people see that I’m indeed giving out free magazines.

Why am I doing this? It’s a way of giving back to society, and at the same time, I want people to educate themselves about personal finance and investing.

I have past issues of SmartMoney, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and more. Some of them contain really good articles. If you are interested in past issues of financial magazines, let me know. Sorry, you don’t get to pick which issues you want. I’ll just mail out the issues I have.

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