Frugal Solution

By | May 26, 2005

In light of Frugal Girl‘s ongoing quest to be as frugal as possible, I have discovered something for myself that will save me more money. I have a few Sharper Image air purifiers at home that I usually clean once a week. It would normally cost me several Bounty Towels to wipe the dust out of the air purifiers. I have tried something else yesterday that would do the job without costing me any paper towels. Every time I finish drying my clothes I would have the anti-static sheets lying around, so I took the used anti-static sheets and used them to clean the air purifiers. The sheets seemed to do a pretty good job surprisingly. I feel so proud.. hahaha… I have reused garbage and turn it into something useful AND saved money. Saving paper towels = saving money. I think I deserved a Frugal Star from Frugal Girl. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Frugal Solution

  1. Anonymous

    you’re wasting more on electricity running the purifiers than you’re saving by recycling anti-static sheets… dontcha think?

  2. Anonymous

    Used dryer sheets are also great for cleaning off your TV screen. Make sure it’s off first.


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