GM Test Drive

By | June 20, 2005

I went to the GM AutoShow in Long Island over this weekend. I got to test drive two of their best selections – the lightning-fast Corvette and the giant Hummer2.

When I got into the Corvette, there’s a worker accompanying me. I wasn’t sure how fast I was supposed to go, but when the guy gave me the signal to go full speed, I stepped on the pedal hard. I heard the engine cranking loudly and I was speeding away. There was a sharp turn, but the handling was really good. It felt like I was going to double over, but the Corvette is very close to the ground with wide tires. I had the chance to go really fast, but the course is short, so it was over soon. It was hard for me to leave the car, I was attached already. I wish I could drive it for longer, but everyone only gets one chance. It was such a tease. Anyone got a Corvette I can play with?

I also had the chance to test drive the Hummer, but it was a difference experience from the Corvette. They created a small but steep hill and planted bumps on the course. When I was going up the hill, I could see nothing but the sky, and when I was going down, I saw the ground in my front view. There’s this incline where driver’s side of the wheels go up and it makes you feel the vehicle can climb mountains, but of course that’s how they want you to feel. The Hummer is strong and stable.

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