Goals for Year 2009

By | January 5, 2009

Welcome all to the year 2009. I hope you had a great New Year’s Day.

This is the time of the year where I will post my goals for this year. Here is a list of things I want to achieve by the end of 2009.

Rental Property

Evict My Bad Tenant. I expect my eviction process to be completed by early 2009. I will have to inspect the house for the severity of the damages the bad tenant has done.
Rent Out the House. After I received possession of my property back and repairing any damages, I will put the house up for rent again. In the future, I will screen my tenants more carefully.

Financial Blog

Write More Posts. I have many articles in mind, but I need to find the time to write them.
Increase Traffic for Blog. I will have to do some research and find ways to increase traffic to this blog.
Find New Template for Blog. Even though I have switched to this (Architectural Digest) blog template recently, there are some limitations. I will either look for a more dynamic template or create my own.
Stock Portfolio
Rebuild Portfolio. My stock portfolio took a huge hit during last year. It’s time to pick out good investments again.

MBA Program

Take GMAT exam. I would like to enroll in an MBA program. The first step would be to study and take the exam. I would have to do some research on the schools and decide which specific program I want to join. Then I would have to fill out all the paperwork for all the schools.


Go on vacation. My current consultant project is expected to end during the late summer/ early fall. I plan to take some time off, and probably go on a vacation before committing to another job/project.


Update My Resume. I have to tweak my resume and add update my current skill sets. It is always a good your resume up-to-date.
Social Networking. I will expose myself to more business people. First thing I will do is sign up with LinkedIn.
Find New Job/Project. I will search for a new job/project during late spring. The job market is very limited and competitive now, however I will try different ways to land a job / project.

This year looks like a good year to work on the things I want to do, especially if I do not find a new job/project. There are also many business ideas I want to explore. Here are some of my options:

1. Dedicate more time to updating financial blog or become a pro blogger.
2. Trade in the stock market or become a day trader.
3. Create an e-store and sell things online.
4. Freelance. Find odd jobs that I can do at home.
5. Create YouTube videos and aim to be a YouTube Celebrity.
6. Join ventures with my business contacts.

Reduce Expenses

Minimize Monthly ExpensesI will review my recurring monthly expenses and see what I can eliminate.
Cut Back On SpendingsBecause of financial uncertainty, I will have to be conservative during this year and think twice before making purchases.

Build Savings

Short Term Savings Goal. I lost most of my money in the stock market last year and expenses in my rental property. I plan to rebuild my savings again. My target is $50,000 by the end of this year.

What are your goals for this year?

4 thoughts on “Goals for Year 2009

  1. pfincome

    Any ideas on how to screen your tenants better next time? I am following your updates closely on renting as I am looking to purchase my first rental and am trying to learn as much as possible.

  2. Smarty Guy

    Hi pfincome,

    As for screening tenants, I will have stricter requirements – stable income, higher credit score, very good credit history, reference checks, etc. I will have an update post on the rental property soon.

  3. Smarty Guy


    I agree with you, but I am interested in knowing your reason for choosing pro blogging over day trading.


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