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By | March 8, 2007

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Google is giving this site a page rank of 0. I’m not sure why they penalize me. I didn’t do anything crazy. I did some research online and this site lists some reasons:

  • your page is banned by Google (hand penalty is made by Google employee)
  • your site was down when Googlebot last crawled your site
  • your page is considerated as duplicated content by Google
    The last reason seems to apply since I have two blogs. One of them is on blogspot, where I originally started. However I have moved my blog to my own domain now. But I believe it was only until recently my Page Rank changed to 0. It was probably after I have updated my blogspot account in Google, and that could have triggered a duplicate alert to Google. Unfortunately, I have not checked my page rank prior to the blogspot move. I believe I had a page rank higher than 0 before. I’m not using the blogspot account, the blogspot site automatically redirects traffic to this site. Is there a way to clear up this issue?

    If they have to penalize one site, I would rather they penalize the old blogspot account and not this site. Is there someone I can contact to resolve this issue?

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