Grand Idea

By | August 3, 2006

I just thought of a great idea. I was thinking of setting up a networking event for all the financial bloggers. This will give everyone a chance to meet and discuss ideas. It is possible some may get together for business or a big project.

I have not thought of the details yet. Since I live in NYC, I’d like to host the event in NYC, but it will be expensive to host an event. To make it more realistic, we can do something like this. First, we’ll run a pilot version. I or we (feel free to help out) will host a small event in NYC at some budget place for the first time and if it works, we’ll make it bigger the second time. I haven’t figure out how the cost part works. I imagine we’ll all chip in for the event.

Or, we can find sponsors like investors and companies and turn this into a huge marketing/networking event/opportunity. Companies may be looking for knowledgable people, but at the same time, we financial bloggers get a chance to discuss ideas.

Thought: If I have a mansion, I can host the event there and invite all the financial bloggers.

Feel free to give your suggestions.

One thought on “Grand Idea

  1. Larrin

    great great idea, the event could last a day or two max, since you are in NYC, you could hook up with a student group at a local university and get them to get the meeting place for you at cheap student group rates. the school would love the publicity and seemingly new frontier look. i say the first goal may be to get a list of 50 or so bloggers that would consider coming. vision to reality is a long road, but be encouraged


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