Green Dot Prepaid Cards

By | November 8, 2011

With so many problems in credit, Green Dot offers an alternative to credit cards without the inconvenience of carrying bills and coins.

Green Dot is America’s #1 brand in the prepaid debit card industry. With millions of customers and growing, Green Dot products are sold in tens of thousands of major retail locations from coast to coast, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Founded in 1999, we’re an American-owned company with headquarters in the Los Angeles, California area. For more information about Green Dot Corporation, visit

The Green Dot Personalized Card is a prepaid Visa or debit MasterCard Card that you can use anywhere debit MasterCard or Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. There’s no line of credit associated with your Card. It’s a prepaid debit card. Personalized Cards can be used at ATMs and can also be reloaded (more money can be added to them). Your purchases and ATM withdrawals are debited from your Card balance. Balance, spend and reload limits apply.

Unlike gift cards, Green Dot prepaid cards are personalized with your name, allow you to make ATM withdrawls in addition to making purchases, and can be reloaded with money. The temporary card that is included in the package can also be reloaded1 and should be used to pay for purchases until your personalized card arrives in the mail. You will not be able to make purchases that require a PIN number or use an ATM until you receive your personalized card.

The Green Dot Card is prepaid, which means you need to add money to your Card in order to use it. It does not offer a line of credit like credit cards. It is a prepaid debit Card. Because no credit is granted and no payments are required, there is no credit check to obtain a Green Dot Card. And this Card does not build credit history.

Green Dot Card products can be found at a variety of retailers such as CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Kroger, Radio Shack, Walgreens and many other retailers. You can also order a Card online by clicking here.


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Green Dot.

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