Growing Money Blog Goes Green

By | March 15, 2009

Growing Money Blog has been updated with a new green template, the Passion Duo Green. This template loads up fast and has a clean layout. It was designed with adsense and advertising in mind. There are spots for ad units on the top and right side of the blog. It comes pre-loaded with six 125 x 125 ad units on the right.

I customized the blog to fit my needs. I removed four ad units and showed only two 125 x 125 ad units on the right and installed my Google search from adsense. I had to create new adsense units for the blog and placed them in strategic locations on the blog. I also had to change some of the colors to match the theme.

The template did not come with all the things I wanted, so I had to modify some of the code. I added a tag line under the blog title and other small modifications to make sure the blog layout displays correctly.

Changing templates can be time consuming. All in all, I spent about eight hours for this process of changing template, but I think this template suits the blog well.


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