Happy New Year

By | January 1, 2014

Wishing the readers of Growing Money Blog a happy new year.Happy New Year

From all the staff at Growing Money

Growing Money would like to welcome you to 2014 and we would like to take a brief look back over the coming year. This will give you a brief glimpse as what you can expect over the next few months.

We are here for the readers and you are able to make contributions to the site and this is something you should definitely be on the look-out for in the next few months. The details of this will be divulged soon, so watch this space.

As you might have seen over the last few months there have been some changes that have transpired and it will benefit you the reader.

Some changes that you will see

There are going to be some visual changes to the site this year and we would like you to bear with us as these changes take place. But they will make the site friendlier and easier to navigate.

We hope to implement a question and answer section later in the year, but until then if you have any questions that you want to ask then please feel free to send an email with question in the subject line. Please indicate in the email if you would like your name and addressed to be withheld if the question is answered in a blog post.

 New Year Resolutions

What are your new year resolutions? Tell us in the comments section below.

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