Have You Thought About An Offshore Account?

By | August 23, 2013

There could be some great positive moves for having an offshore account and yet they seem surrounded in mystery. It is believed that you need thousands to actually own one and this is not the case.

It is possible to open an offshore account with a really low amount; they are not all there just for the very wealthy and rich. An offshore account refers to any account that is outside the country that you live in. The most popular places for offshore accounts are Luxemburg, Channel Islands, Switzerland, Guernsey and Jersey.

Most offshore accounts will have some restriction and the most important one that you will need to consider is the tax implication. With the account being held outside of your country of residence any interest that is paid will be paid without any tax being taken off. It is up to the account holder to inform the tax man of any income that they have incurred on the investment in the offshore account. The accounts are typical of those that are trying to avoid paying tax on all their money and they are a popular choice of the rich and famous from around the world.

Many of these accounts are able to take deposits in varying different currency’s, and this has an advantage with people from around the world transferring money into these hidden tax haven accounts.


With the online systems that are now available it is possible to transfer money around the world and this has made these accounts attractive. You might find that they offer better interest rates than what you can get in your own country. Without the need to be rich and famous it might be possible to use these accounts to make your money work that bit harder for you.


You will need to look carefully at the terms and conditions not only of the bank but the protection that is offered by the country as to the safety of the money in the bank. For example in Guernsey the government will only protect £50,000 that is invested in one institution. Some of the other countries offer more some might be less. You will need to find out the amounts and think about the possibility of losing money if you invest more than you would be guaranteed if anything happens to the bank.


Some of the benefits of having an offshore account can be as simple as they offer a better return of interest on your money; this is just making your money work for you. With the internet it is now even easier to open accounts anywhere around the world.

It could be political reasons that you might want to use an offshore account, if you are uncertain about the political issues that are happening in your country you might think that it is safer to invest your money in different countries.

Therefore, it is possible to see that you are able to invest your money in differed countries to make your money work harder if they offer better interest rates.

2 thoughts on “Have You Thought About An Offshore Account?

  1. Andrew

    Another alternative is to go through a company that will open the account for you – it’s what I did anyway and it saved me the headache – the companies often charge a small fee for it, but once again, if you do not really know about the different banks/countries/fees/paperwork, then it’s worth paying a small fee for someone else to do it for you. There are a few companies that I found that do this sort of thing – the ones that I found worked best were SFM and Bank-Solution – (both co uk) I used the latter but I have heard good reviews about them both – they were really quick and made the whole process seem simple

    1. Sharon Rowe Post author

      Thank you for this comment I will look into these companies to see what they offer.


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