Heelys IPO

By | December 7, 2006

I spent 30 minutes watching the roadmap of Heelys and did some research on the company.

My summary: Good short term play because of the hype, but its long term prospect is questionable because the wheel-in-a-shoe may become a fad.

Heelys IPO gets rolling

Heelys looks to stay on a roll with IPO

Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap: Heelys Worth a Roll
“Looking at the comps, Cramer said Heelys should be worth $26 a share eventually and it could even go to the mid-$30s. The bottom line: buy Heelys in the low $20s and sell it as soon as it crosses the $30 line.”

2 thoughts on “Heelys IPO

  1. Boston Gal

    Having watched numerous Heely wearing tourists (generally children) stumble and fall in those things when trying to “cruise” the freedom trail in Boston (tip: Heelys + cobblestone/brick paved sidewalks and streets = painful face meets pavement moments).


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