How Much Money Do Celebrities Make?

By | November 9, 2013

There is going to be a wide variation in the salaries that celebrities makes each year. It will depend upon the person and how famous they are as to the money that they can ask for various activities.

 The Hollywood Sign

But you need to remember that a lot of celebrities get given a lot of the fashion items for free. Many of these actors get the clothes and jewels that they wear to red carpet functions all loaned to them from some of the top designers. It is a way to give exposure of products and items without the celebrity having to spend a single penny on the item.

Some of the lavish items that they are given can be as much as a car to drive around for free, as well as the latest Ipad and other must have electrical equipment. So there monthly budget doesn’t even have to cover some of the basic items that most people have to budget for.

How Famous

It is difficult to judge a person’s fame but those that are the highest paying actor and actresses are the ones that are the most popular and this means they are able to demand the highest salaries from the movies that they appear in and the clothes and the equipment that they advertise.

The highest paid actor last year was Robert Downey Jr in the ‘Avengers’ with a reported estimated $75 million dollars. But the second highest paid actor earned $60 million was Channing Tatum who was part of a self-funded film ‘ Magic Mike’ that not only hit it big in the cinemas but he has started to take this further with a Broadway production planned, as well as a bar and another future film in the planning, this is shows great business sense.

How this relates to TV

There is a lot of money in for the stars of TV shows and this is demonstrated in how popular a show becomes. If a new show is a hit and has a high audience then the amount that is paid per episode increases and this can be very high.

This has been demonstrated recently in the TV reality show called ‘Honey Boo Boo Child’ this is about a young girl and her family in America. She was participating in the pageants and winning. When this show first aired the family was netting around $50,000 per episode and now that it is a really popular series and has taken off in many areas around the world they are now getting triple this income per episode.

This is due to the amount of money that the creators of the programme can ask for the rights to show and this can bump up the prices that the actors can demand. But these are reality shows and they will soon lose the appeal and they are quickly cut and the income they were receiving suddenly becomes nil. It is a fast paced area that can see many series of a show, this is shown in ‘Jon and Kate plus eight’ who had many years of their series before it was eventually cut from our screens.

But it is not just the reality shows that bring in the big money, the same is true for the strictly shows. The budget is considerable and it does take up a lot of the stars time to learn the routines and this is compensated in the amount that they are paid. They receive a basic amount and the longer they are kept in the show this money goes up each week.

In the UK the budget for the show is a staggering £800,000 with the winner walking away with a cool £100,000. If you convert this to dollars then you are looking in the region of $1,291,000 in wages just for the famous people to perform, and learn to dance.

It doesn’t stop there

It is important to realise that the income just doesn’t stop coming and those celebrities can claim even more money. If you are part of the craze that likes to announce to the world through a Twitter account just what you have been up to, you would not be alone. The rich and famous are also copying this trend but with a slight difference, they are sending sponsored tweets and these can net the celebrity anywhere from $10,000 per tweet, of course this will depend on the famous person and how famous they are as to the amount that they can get per 140 character tweet.

The rich and famous

Those actors and actresses that are going to be around for a few years are the ones that are going to win in the long term. Those that are famous for the reality TV shows are the ones that are going to disappear really quickly and this will mean that that their fame will also be relatively short lived too and if they don’t act fast and learn to grow and invest the money that they are paid because the contracts will not be around for long term.

It is important to realise from this article that the famous people might not be paying for all the luxuries that you see them with it is another means of advertising by the big companies and exploiting the general public to give the impression that they want and need the latest items. It means that there annual income is going to look different to the everyday person because they will have to use the difference to keep their appearances in shape otherwise they won’t be able to demand the money that they have previously demanded for their appearance in films or other celebrity activity.

So to recap, if you are looking to earn big money as a celebrity what can you do?

  • Reality TV star is a great way to get the big bucks
  • When famous Tweeting is a great money spinner
  • Committing to high profile and short term contracts can be high income earners

It is a great way to earn a living but as with any job there are no guarantees that you are going to earn big money, it is just a lucky few in reality that are able to command the amounts that can seem excessive.


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