How To Analyse Market Trends

By | January 19, 2014

There is always a time for looking at the markets to see what is happening and to see if there are ways in which you can make your money work harder for you. What you should be looking at is how market analysis is going to be your friend, how will you fit time into your schedule so that you are making it feel special and wanted?

Analyse market trends

Time perspectives

It is about creating time for this new buddy because with the information that he holds can be the answer to getting your investments right, first time, every time.

If you are able to analyse the market trends, look at what is going well in the markets then you will be on the right path to putting your capital in the right places at the right time.

It could save you making some costly mistakes which could jeopardise your capital.

What is hot in 2014?

“The biggest trend for marketing in 2014 is certain to be around increasing personalisation and relevance in communication,” says Cheryl Calverley, Birds Eye masterbrand marketing manager.

It is interesting to think that in a global market the idea of communication is still at the forefront in what is happening. This will be seen in the increasing demand for the latest technology in communication and this has recently been backed up with the latest statistics that instant messaging is becoming more popular than sending text messages.

The reason behind this is the free apps that can mean communication has no barriers and a message is sent through the internet and Wi-Fi connections rather than in the traditional way that a text message is sent. This means that the communication is often free or part of a data package, it can also be more convenient than text messaging and a lot more personal.

So, if you are looking into what to put your capital into then you might just be well advised to do your market analysis around the communication companies and those up and coming companies that are creating the apps that are available on all smart phones.

Smart phones are becoming part of the normal everyday life as a means of communication and where before the older generation took their time joining the mobile networks; they are now making their presence known in this area. It is becoming big business catering for all generations in the smart phone area and the apps that come with these.

The companies

There are a vast number of companies that will fall into these areas and there are more being added on a daily basis. It is a global business as more and more people have had the foresight of where the markets are going.

But we have been here before when the dotcom bubble exploded, this was in 2002 when many people just seemed to be throwing money at these companies without even considering whether the company was any good and if it was likely that they would ever make a profit. Looking back it is easy to see the mistakes of the past, but when you are there making the instant decisions it is not so easy to see the bigger picture.

We can all remember the devastation that this bubble caused, but there are more words of caution, there is a strong indication that the stock market has seen an over inflated rate of the prices of stock and because of this there is a potential for a crash in 2014.

This is why it is important that you become an expert in market analysis, you need to be able to look at the information that is presented with the company and to make a judgement on this as to whether it is a good company to invest in.

Only when you are able to use market analysis should you consider making money changing decisions with your capital and the companies that you are looking to invest in.

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