How to Build Real Wealth

By | December 27, 2005

There’s a great article on today for long term investors, How to Build Real Wealth. I am starting to learn towards dividend paying stocks. For that reason, I invested in Pzifer. However, I will continue to trade growth stocks with a portion of my portfolio to capture some of the bull market.

For the dividend players out there, please list your top five stocks and a short explanation.

4 thoughts on “How to Build Real Wealth

  1. Jonathan

    I am a stock newbie. In my play money portfolio, I also have PFE.

    I recently bought RIN @ 44 partially due to their ok dividend, but it is only 2.5% since their shares have rocketed to 66. Not complaining 🙂

    Not dividend-earning stocks, but I also bought PFN and PML, mainly to learn more about closed-end ETFs.

  2. Smarty

    PFE should be do well this year.

    That’s a great price you got into RIN. You’re already sitting at a 43% gain, while earning dividends of $1.56 a share annually. 2005 was a great year for construction companies.

    I guess that makes sense. In NYC there was construction breaking ground in every few blocks.

    I’ll try to make an update on the rental soon. Just been so busy lately.


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