How To Make A $100 Before The Holiday Season

By | October 21, 2013

Do you want to make some extra money or are you trying to boost your holiday saving budget? These are all tried and tested methods where if you put in some time you might be able to increase your budget before the end of the year.
Sometimes the added pressure of the holiday season can be difficult on any budget and at this time of the year the expenses seem to rocket. If you are able to save some of that expense from ruining your hard work then you need to start thinking sooner rather than later on how you are going to tackle this problem.

International Money Pile with Free Cash and Forex Coins

This option has become very popular in the last few years selling goods and products that you no longer need or want. There are various different sites including EBay. You log the product that you want to sell and include the postage price too and this is stored on the site for a set amount of time, your choice, and you see what bids you are able to get. You have to sell to the highest bidder and they transfer the money through pay pal and you send off the goods. EBay and PayPal might take a percentage of the money, they are businesses and they are in the business to make money. You have to be cautious that you do not lose money on your sales and you will need to do research before you sell an item.
You have the potential to make some money before the holiday season starts, if you aim to sell $50 of goods in the next two months that will add to the total that you could make.
Cash back sites

It is possible with every purchase that you make you could be saving money with each purchase. You just head to the shop by going through the cash back sites and in return you will be making some of the commission money back.
If you look at the site you can earn anywhere from 1.5% to 9% cash back on your purchase, so it you where to spend $200 you could potentially make $10 in cash back if the rate was 5%, obviously if the percentage was higher, the cash back that you would receive would also be higher.
Refer a friend

There are many companies that are on the look-out for new customers and the best way to get them is from friend referrals.

A great friend referral scheme is being run by, you can earn $25 for your referral when your friend takes their first trip and a staggering $75 when they rent out their place. So, even if you are just refer a friend that you know is just about to take a holiday then this could add to your holiday season spending money.

If you use moneybookers for your money transfers you can earn money each year with your friend referrals to this site. In one year you can earn a maximum of $135.31 by referring friends to this site. So in the two months before the holiday season you might be able to make in referrals up to $22.5.


With these few ideas you would have made a staggering $107.50 dollars and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Just imagine the potential that you could achieve if you started this idea in January and whatever money you made in this way will be used to pay for the holiday season.
Whatever option that you consider trying you need to be able to keep up the momentum which is why I look at these ideas later in the year, that way I am not bored with some of the repetition that some of the sites require you to do to earn points or money.
Other options

One of the fastest growing areas is here you are able to do the normal internet usage but at the same time earn Swagbucks. These are great and you can use them to purchase items in the Swagbucks shop or exchange them for vouchers. You just use the internet as you usually would after registering on their site and down load their tool bar and there you have it a complete system that will allow you to gain Swagbucks for just surfing on-line. I have heard of people using this system during the year and using it to pay for their festive season completely, this will free up the expense and means you will have more money to invest and watch it grow.
Best time to buy

These are just a few great deals that you can get when you are considering increasing your income before the holiday season. But what if you are planning any big purchases do you know when you will get the best deals?
The best time to buy any large ticket item is between January and March, these are the months that for retailers are the hardest months to sell their products and they tend to have the largest sales during these months. So if you are looking to save money then you should consider these months as the best time to get the greatest deals. This is when customers have the least money to spend because they are normally still paying for the festive seasons and if you are able to take advantage of this time and save money, it will help towards the holiday season next year.
Different options

Some of the ideas that you can use to make money are:
• Selling
• Swagbucks
• Friend referrals
• Cash back sites
There are many different options that people use to make points or save for the festive season and having different ideas can always make people think about making their money stretch that bit further, so if there are some different ways that you like to make money or are able to build up points that you can swap for purchasing power please recommend them in the comment section below.

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