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By | November 2, 2013

If you are looking to bring in some extra money each month then there are ways that you can increase your monthly income. Some of them will not make you want to devote a lot of time to the activity, others you might find is the start to your new self-employed career. Whatever road that you take it is important to remember that you should not give money to get a job, they should be paying you.

There are many different options that are going to be available but what is important is that you pick one that you enjoy and are able to do. There is little point thinking that you are going to make loads of money in the first few weeks, this is seldom reality and only a very lucky few hit the jackpot with making extra money, most of the jobs are going to take time and commitment to successfully complete the task in hand. Many of the jobs that you can find on-line including the jobs listed below can be very repetitive and can have a high turn around in staff because of the activity.



Everyone has heard the comments that if you take on-line surveys then it will supplement your income. They might offer a small amount of money for participation but they are so boring that after spending an hour or two filling them in you will not want to go back. But they are a way to make a small amount of money each month if you are committed to spending sometimes long hours for very little return.

Virtual assistants

There is the possibility of earning an income becoming a virtual assistant, these jobs can be varied but again they tend not to bring in too much cash. There are some reputable companies that are about but you will need to consider what the job will entail and if it is worth the wages. But they can be a great way to work at home whilst bring up a family or if you are unable to travel to do a job this  could be the answer for you. Some countries cater better for this type of work than others.



There are many jobs that you can do which involve the phone, selling items over the phone and earning a commission. Cold calling potential customers and getting appointments booked in. This type of job will not be a great payment option but it will mean that you will be able to work from home, this limits the costs involved to you. It can be very difficult to get the customers to answer questions or to book appointments, it can be a very difficult job if you are paid on performance and not on the amount of calls that you make.

Freelance writing

This is taking off with markets opening up all around the world it is possible to make money in this market. It will take time and it can seem to go slowly at first but there are many different options. You can actively seek work in some of the on-line sites that connect writers with clients. It can be difficult to make vast sums of money connecting to clients in this manner and you might try the traditional method of contacting the editors direct. There is the work out there you just might need to look to find it.

Until you have got a steady income stream coming in you might not be able to give up your day job, it will be hard work and sometimes you might be wondering what an earth you are doing. But if writing is your passion and you have the commitment and the drive to learn the skills required this can be a very rewarding job. But sometimes it can be long hours, especially if you write for companies around the world connecting and talking can be challenging but it is not impossible.

Working from home

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It is possible to make a career from working from your home, but it can be difficult when your family want your attention, or friends pop round for a coffee, because you might be at home but you are still trying to work.

You will need to consider the tax implications, and you might need to inform your local tax office that you are now self-employed. It is important that from the start you keep a record of the hours and the money that you earn from your self-employed job so that you can prove how much you earned in the tax year.

If you have the ability and the space to work from home it can be very rewarding because you are there in an emergency, but some people can find it very lonely and this can be challenging to those people that are looking for company and support.

Whatever option that you choose to follow it is going to take dedication and commitment to find the time to work. It is important that any job that you are offered that you do not pay for the position, this can and should ring alarm bells that the job might not be the job for you. After all you are looking to make more money and not to spend it on registration fees or products that you do not want or need.

The list above is not all the different options open to you, there are other jobs out there that might fall around these areas, or they might fall into the category of selling products at parties and if you are an outgoing person and are comfortable meeting new people in this manner then this might be another option that you could look into in further depth.

What options have you found and tried? Do you have any secrets or advice that you want to share with others as to the options that are available to make extra money? Are there any areas that people should avoid completely?


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