How to Play the Dating Game without Breaking the Bank

By | April 1, 2013

Planning a date without having to bust up your bank balance can be a real challenge. In one way you’ll not want to appear frugal, but these days many couples are responsible and pretty much in the same boat when it comes to planning finances and going careful with the cash. A few tips have been outlined below by the money experts at that should help you deal with this tricky balance. But fundamentally it shouldn’t be too hard if you’re with the right person, for example if you were to suggest to your perfectly matched other half that you both should spend a cosy night indoors and watch a movie, then he or she would fully understand and probably support the idea. To keep yourself amused you could swap the usual bottles of wine for pear cider and rather than order that expensive take away from the local Chinese or Indian, why not cook something up yourself that you have purchased from the local cheap supermarket?

Cooking food yourself rather than buying food from a take away is definitely more romantic anyway and you could begin preparing the meal hours before your date comes round. If there is not a good movie on the box and you want to keep the costs down from hiring off the local DVD rental store, then scour the television listings for some quality entertainment you believe both of you would enjoy.

If you really don’t like the sound of just sitting and watching television, why not try and see if it’s a warm enough to put a blanket out in the garden and see if you can see any stars together. Obviously you’d need a clear night, but during the fifties, romantic dates often consisted of a night sat in a stationary car watching the bright lights of the city from high up on a hill. There is no need to even dip your hand in your pocket to pull out the money on this kind of date.

Again, depending on weather conditions, an evening on the ice rink together in the local park is a very cheap option. Most cities might not have such a luxury so find out if there is an ice rink indoor arena or a roller skating rink somewhere close.

If finding a skating rink or ice rink is just not happening in your town, why not take your partner to the local arcade. Here, many of the machines take very small amounts of change and you could buy a cola and some candy floss for a very low price.

There are a couple of websites that do some great deals for couples or those who are just going out on a first date. Living Social and Group On are often flagging up 2-for-1 deals that may offer a night out in a Chinese or Italian restaurant, meaning you would only pay for one meal as opposed to two, so it’s a bit like getting the deal half price.

Another restaurant tip is to avoid buying drinks in the establishment but get your drinks from a nearby pub instead. This will definitely avoid the restaurant’s high alcohol tariffs.

Author: This is a guest post by wongaforbusiness.

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