How To Save Money On Bills

By | October 30, 2013

It is important in this climate that you look for ways in which you can save money, this will help your budget and it will mean that you will have more money each month.

There are many different ways in which you can look at cutting back the costs and there are some that you might not have even considered.
Solar Energy


The price of energy that we use in our homes seems to be going up each year and this means that you need to find more money each month to put to electric and gas bills. If it is possible to save in these areas it will mean that you might not to put as much money away.

  • Turning down your heating by just a few degrees can mean a great saving each year.
  • Turning off appliances when they are not in use will save you money, they are not drawing energy.
  • Turn of lights if you are not in the room. Consider using Led lighting, these can save up to 80% of what a normal light bulb will cost to run. They don’t produce heat and they look great, they are not ugly energy savings bulbs, but great choice if you want to save money long term.
  • Generating your own power, installing solar panels could be a way to save you money on your electric bills. In the UK the government give you money for the production of the electric. There are many different schemes and ways in which you can benefit from reduced electric bills by producing your own electricity. Solar panels are not as expensive as they used to be, the cost of instillation has come down.

How do you heat your home? There are alternative’s here too. If you live where there is ample supply of wood have you considered going back to having the fires in your home? The new generation of wood burning and multi fuelled stoves could mean that you pay less for the energy to heat your home.

  • If you are plagued with junk mail then this can be used to fuel your fire too. I use junk mail and make burning bricks with them, this is free energy and it means that I am not just throwing this rubbish in the bin; it now has a purpose when it comes into my home.

Water bills seem to be going higher and higher too and depending on where you live you could be collecting rain water and using this to water your garden or even to flush the toilet with. This will save you money that you are paying to the utility companies each month.

If your toilet has a large capacity cistern then it is possible to save money every time you flush by having a brick or solid object that won’t disintegrate. This item is there to take up space, the reduced space means that you are putting reduced amount of water into the tank and this will save you money.

How do you save money on your energy bills?

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