Hunting for New Tenants in Philly

By | July 17, 2007

Since my tenants are moving out at the end of July, my house will be available for renting on August 1. I have posted up an ad for my house on Craigslist for rent and have received many inquiries. All of them ask to see the house. I screen the prospects over the phone carefully. Unfortunately, my tenants still live in the house, therefore, it is inconvenient for me to show the house to everyone. My tenants have shown the house to one person so far and she really liked the place and said that she is willing to move in. The prospective tenant has two kids and a stable income and is planning to live in the place for the long term. She seems like a good tenants, but I will do a credit check on her.

Characteristics of my ideal tenants:
1. Always pays rent on time (by the 1st of the month)
2. Maintains the house in a good condition
3. Does not bother me for small issues
4. Plans to rent for long term

I have to find a website that will process background/credit checks for me. if you know of any good sites, please let me know. Also, if you have a house in Philadelphia and are looking for a new tenant, let me know. I have several good prospects who are looking for a house but since I only have one house I can only fill one.

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One thought on “Hunting for New Tenants in Philly

  1. KK

    I have used the National Association of Independent Landlords for credit checks. Takes a few days, but it’s worth the wait!


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