Money Idea #5: Ebay My Junk

By | May 11, 2005

To take on Neville’s challenge, I’ve decided to take action on Money-Making Idea # 5: “Ebay Your Junk.” I am going through all the items in my apartment and look for items to dump or sell. This project will serve two purposes. First, I clean up my place and clear up some space. And second, I may make some cash. As a bonus, I will a prize from Nev.

I started cleaning up some drawers and picking some items out. I posted the items I don’t need anymore for sale on ebay.

Item #1: Kingston Memory Expansion Kit (KTH-LJ4000E/16)

I have 3 of these. It’s hard to sell.

Item #2: Sonicare Elite 7500 Power Toothbrush

This item got a bid shortly after I posted.

Item #3: Motorola V60i Cell Phone

I should have sold this phone long time ago for good money. It was sitting on my desk for almost two years. Like any tech device, a cell phone goes out of flavor really quickly. The money I can get back on this one is very little now.

Item #4: Laser Pointer

I have two of these. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Item #5: irock! 860 MP3 Player (256 MB)

Very nice MP3 player. I got the iPod Shuffle now, so I no longer use this.

As an experiment, I also posted up some coupons. I have seen a lot of people selling coupons on the web. I don’t think it’s worth my time for the money, but I did it anyway to check it out.
Coupon #1: Office Depot $15 off (This one is sold for $3.25)

Coupon #2: UNO, Borders, and Blockbuster

Total Cost and Sales.
Sonicare Elite 7500 is going to sell for at least 29.99 + 5 shipping = $34.99. This makes the net earnings unofficially at $35.17.

7 thoughts on “Money Idea #5: Ebay My Junk

  1. Smarty

    You know what sucks? I can’t copy and paste the Excel spreadsheet directly on the blog. I have to take a screenshot to Paint, crop it out, save to disk, then upload it to Picasa, and finally link it from there. What a hassle!

  2. Anonymous

    Ebay will charge you % of the final sale price. You will get a monthly bill. If your buyer pays with PayPal-credit card, PayPal will charge more fees. You do have to pay for shipping, so you cannot add that $5 and you may even pay more for shipping. So your net?????

  3. Jennifer Grucza

    Those laser pointers are great if you have cats – it drives them crazy. Keeps them entertained with very little effort.

    I just need to figure out where I can buy batteries for them.

  4. Smarty

    Jennifer, let me know if you’re interested in any of the items. Email me and we’ll work something out.

  5. Anonymous

    The ebay model is flawed unless you’re selling big ticket items and the ‘transaction fees’ are minimal relative to the sale price.

    Such a model is not even sustainable considering that people are willing and able to purchase the items you’re selling at walmart in new condition and at much lower prices.

    Never lose sight of the competition…and always consider PROFITS…otherwise, it’s just masturbation.

  6. Todd D.

    Depends on what you’re selling. If you’re cherry-picking antiques from auctions and thrift stores, or collectibles which you already enjoy, you can make a tidy sum on this.

    Since he’s not buying and then reselling junk, the original cost of his existing junk is immaterial. The sunk cost has already been incurred.

    I admit, once I started trading around boardgames online, I cut down on buying so many at thrift stores and garage sales, because every purchase was obligating me to the additional effort of getting rid of them.


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