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By | March 25, 2005

I just told my co-workers about ING DIRECT and its high interest rate. They all seem interested when they saw the orange website and the 2.80% advertisement. I told them it’s easy to sign up and there’s no minimum requirement. Because it’s an internet bank and there’s no ATM withdraws, it’s a great way to save money. If you put in the account $50 a month at an annual percentage yield of 2.80% over five years, you’ll come out with a total of $3,223.64. That’s not a bad start for most people, especially since most of the co-workers just graduated from college. I say that’s pretty good financial advice. I let them know that ING DIRECT is likely to increase the interest rate due to the fed rates going up, and that would be a higher compounding interest rate working for their investments.

Most of them make a decent pay but because they’re young, they’re more excited about having more money in their hands and are more willing to spend it lavishly. That’s what I did two years ago; I blew all my money out on things. For some reason, it just seemed to me that when my bank account goes over $2,000 I had to spend the extras. Hot deals, hot deals!! Be careful or else you’ll come back with an empty pocket at the end of the day. So I told them to put aside $50 or more every month. It’s good that the bank is on the Internet, it’ll be hard for them to take the money out, and this sort of forces them to save.

Also, there’s $25 to sign up for the new users. I get $10 for each person I refer. I just earned ten bucks today. I think more people are going to sign up. Maybe I should spread the word out more. I should tell the whole world. No minimum, so no excuses. Ha! If you don’t have an account, you can help me earn 10 measly bucks too, but you gain a whopping 25 US dollars — so, it’s to your advantage.

I should be hired for ING’s salesperson for bringing out the message. Hmm… wonder if they have an opening. I need a new job — not sales, something related to tech or finance.

3 thoughts on “Ing Direct Referral

  1. Anonymous

    So why didn’t you recommend Emigrant Direct Savings Bank over ING to your freinds? They seem to be paying a higher rate based on your other post.

  2. Smarty

    I do. I tell my friends about Emigrant Direct Savings and Ing Direct.

    In this post, my co-workers responded to my referal email and they were especially attracted to the $25 bonus. And because their deposits are small, it was a better gain to get the Ing Direct sign-up bonus.


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