Internet Stocks

By | August 11, 2006

I just received my latest issue of Smart Money, and there’s an article on Internet stocks. We all know Internet stocks can make or break your portfolio performance, but Smart Money picks three high potential Internet stocks that shall beat the market. Here are the three picks.

Adobe Systems (ADBE)
Price $28.01 (as of 7/14/06)
P/E: 23
Market Value: 16.2B

Akamai Tech (AKAM)
Price $32.54 (as of 7/14/06)
P/E: 44
Market Value: 5.0B

InterActiveCorp (IACI)
Price $24.38 (as of 7/14/06)
P/E: 17
Market Value: 7.7B

I’m not very familiar with the latter two stocks, but I think Adobe is a good bet. Their software is becoming a mainstream tool.

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