Interview with Kas

By | December 29, 2006

I was talking to my coworker, Kas a few days ago and she told me she made $18,000 in the past two months. I asked her what she was doing. She said that she had this side business in addition to her day job. I learned that she was selling Christmas ornaments in the mall. It was her friend’s business, but because she had been working with her friend for a while, her friend trusted her with the merchandise and gave her 20% profit-sharing. If her share was $18K net, imagine what her friend’s was. According to my calculations, her friend made $72,000 in two months.

The business was selling Christmas ornaments at a small area in a mall. They rented one of those cart spaces. The rent was $25,000 a month, it was a special deal because Kas’ friend knows the owner. They hire a few helpers on an hourly base. They sold Christmas ornaments with personalized name labels on them. It was a perfect time because everyone was shopping for Christmas ornaments, and the lines were very long.
I believe they made a gross profit of 100K+ in two months. The ornaments are from a distribution in Hawaii. I was told that you would need connections to get to the supplier. Kas’ friend has connections to the supplier and the mall. She rents the mall spot for only two months and has the spot reserved for her every year. Kas’ friend has been doing it for years, and she will continue to do it indefinitely. It’s a no-brainer. Kas’ friend owns many business, including gas stations.
I was really impressed that Kas made $18,000 in two months. She did say it was hard work, it was very busy during the holiday season. But I think it paid off well. She seems to be very good at making money. She told me it’s easy for her to make money. If you’re willing to do some work, you can make money easily. I’m going to talk to her again and see what ideas she has in mind.

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  1. jim

    That’s crazy, I didn’t know you could make that much selling personalized ornaments at a mall kiosk. I also didn’t know it costs $25k to rent per month!


    I’m tempted to stock up on some of the cheap xmas decorations that are now on sale (for 75% off), and next December hire a stall at one of the weekend markets (around $100 a day) to sell personalised decorations! I wouldn’t make as much as in a Mall, but the upfront capital at risk is a lot less.


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