Investment Banking

By | March 11, 2014

Investment Banking

Understanding investment banking is in principle easy, because it is looking after the investments of people and business. You are not looking after just one pot of money; there are many different areas of investment banking.

The aim of the investment-banking job is to help your customer’s portfolios to perform and to grow. You could potentially be involved in assisting companies to grow and develop their portfolio or helping with the merging of different businesses.

Assist individuals

If you are focusing your attention to the individual portfolio’s you will be able to help and build an individual portfolio, but you will have more than one client, who you will need to give the attention, too.

You can be involved in many different areas, because investment banking is diverse and the amount of different areas of speciality is large.

There is potential to work with private equity, mutual funds, life insurance and hedge funds. The greater the amount of areas to specialize in gives the concept of investment banking as a large pool of potential employment.

There are some great opportunities that you are able to partake in getting employment in this area, but they are fast paced and extremely competitive to progress. This is due to the high pay offered and the high bonuses that are also available for those that have the ability to work hard and have the success in their field.


Depending on the area, that you are residing in will depend if you need a licence to perform the investment. You need to be a licensed broker-dealer to be able to partake in the investment banking industry.

There are just two main exams that you will need to take to obtain your licence, but you will need to work up to these exams with internships and any other maths and statistics courses that can help you progress.

If you are not comfortable, working within the mathematics field then you won’t be comfortable with your chosen profession; there is lots of maths, and working out the potential for growth in the investments that you will need to consider.

If you are able to take the high power and high pressure jobs then you are going to find this an exciting career, but if you aren’t comfortable with the amount of stress and pressure that you can be under, then an alternative career choice might seem a better option.

Many different avenues can potentially be open to you in the investment markets. It will depend on the pressure that you are comfortable with and the amount of responsibility you are looking to take on. Getting the right job is going to be your decision, but you will not find a more exciting job that has the potential to allow you to earn a salary that will allow you to afford the good things in life.

You won’t be managing your own money, but money that belongs to individuals and companies, as with all investments you can lose money and this can be stressful.


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