IPO Investing

By | March 7, 2007

I finally have a chance to get into IPO investing with Fidelity. After making frequent trades to meet their requirement of 72 trades in a rolling 12-month period, I can now place interest bids on new initial public offerings.

The two new IPOs on the table are CLWR and XFML.

I watched the roadmap presentation for CLWR yesterday and it seemed like the company is doing well and has a lot of potential. After doing some research, it turns out that Jim Cramer likes the IPO, mainly because of founder Craig McCaw.

As for Chinese IPO, XFML is on the spotlight. The Chinese giant media company covers businesses from media production to broadcasting to advertising. 24/7 Wall Street talks about the potential of the IPO. The Sun’s Financial Diary made a post about it as well. I could not find the roadmap presentation for this IPO.
I have placed an interest bid on both IPOs. In this kind of skeptical market, the launch of the IPOs may not be as explosive as it would have been in a bull market. The CLWR’s roadmap presentation gave me more confidence in the IPO over XFML. I hope both companies will overcome the volatile market conditions and run the hype to the moon.

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