IRA Portfolio Monthly Report for 2015-09

By | October 26, 2015

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This post is a monthly update to track the performance of my IRA portfolio. The goal of this portfolio is to build wealth and generate income for retirement. The strategy is to buy companies with strong growth prospects and a high dividend yield. All the dividends are automatically re-invested in the stocks. Dividends help grow income by buying more shares of the company and having more shares of the company help generate more income.



Account Balance
Account Balance at start of month: $13,368.86
Account Balance at end of month: $12,279.15
Net Gain/Loss for month: $-1,089.71 (-8.15%)

IRA Portfolio Holdings:
VER – 747.61 shares
UHT – 101.341 shares

Dividend Payouts This Month:
UHT $64
Total: $64


Portfolio Update
I have changed the title format of this series to “IRA Portfolio Monthly Report for yyyy-mm.” This will help keep all the titles organized, with changes to only the month and year, and for search, the results would come out more neat.

I did some research on UHT and although it has a nice yield, it does not have strong dividend growth. Therefore, I will sell UHT and replace it with a higher growth dividend company, as soon UHT breaks even for me. I need to remain focus on my goal and buy dividend growth companies.

Original Deposits
My original deposits for this account is $43,709. Unfortunately, I had made some bad decisions over the past 2 years and invested in dividend traps and lost 72% of the original deposits. I hope to make back up for the losses by becoming more focused and disciplined on investing now. I’ve learned from my mistakes and am better at growing my portfolio now. Let’s hope I can make back the losses and more in the near future.  Good luck to me!





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