IRA Portfolio Update for Dec 2014

By | January 8, 2015

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This post is a monthly update to track the performance of my portfolio in my IRA account. The goal of this IRA Portfolio is to build growth and income for retirement, and the strategy has a strong emphasis on dividend investing, a way of passive investing. Dividends are set to automatically re-invest in the stock.


This was not a good year for my IRA portfolio, having lost 51% this year. Oil was the biggest factor in the cause of my losses.  I was overweight on oil and hence deeply affected by the crash of oil. However, I do not think oil prices will stay this low for long. I think at some point the oil supply will decrease and demand will increase and hence bring the oil prices back up. It does not make sense to sell my shares at this level, so I will hold on to my shares and wait for a rebound in oil prices.

ARCP – It was revealed that Corvex Management has a 64.7M stake (7.1%) in ARCP.


IRA Portfolio Holdings:

ARCP – 747.61 shares
LNCO – 816.10 shares
SDRL – 401.92 shares


Dividend Payouts This Month:

ARCP $61.74
LNCO $192.95

Total: $254.69


Account Balance

Account Balance at begin of month: $26,080.08
Account Balance at end of month:    $20,145.75
Net Gain/Loss for month: -$5,934.33 (-23%)

Account Balance at begin of year: $41,018.02
Account Balance at end of year:    $20,145.75
Net Gain/Loss for year: -$20,872.27 (-51%)

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