IRA Portfolio Update for Nov 2014

By | December 29, 2014

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This post is a monthly update to track the performance of my portfolio in my IRA account. The goal of this IRA Portfolio is to build growth and income for retirement, and the strategy has a strong emphasis on dividend investing, a way of passive investing. Dividends are set to automatically re-invest in the stock.


My initial purchase was based on companies with high yield and consistent dividends on a regularly basis. These companies should have regularly recurring income to sustain a dividend payment and expansion plans to grow the company. My intention is to hold these companies for the long term to collect a regular stream of dividends for passive income.

IRA Portfolio Holdings:

Unfortunately, all the stocks in my portfolio recently took a huge hit from scandals and depressed markets in their respective industry.

ARCP had an accounting scandal and it led to a huge sell-off in the stock.
LNCO is being affected by the huge drop in oil prices.
SDRL has suspended all of their their dividends and it caused a huge sell-off in the stock. I have not sold my shares and am waiting for a rebound.

Dividend Payouts in November 2014:

ARCP $61.15
LNCO $190.76

Total: $251.91


Shares of each holding:

ARCP 747.61
LNCO 798.64
SDRL 401.92


Account Balance at begin of month: $34,656.78
Account Balance at end of month:    $26,080.08
Net Gain/Loss for month: -$8,576.70 (-25%)

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