It’s Time to Review Your Investments

By | August 5, 2013

Investments aren’t just for the rich and they don’t just refer to the stock market, what they do mean is the places that you put your money. They need to work hard and the products need to offer value for money too.

Long Term Investments

The long term investments are there for the long term and you will need to only reassess them on an annual basis, you will want to have a statement that tells you what you have invested, then compare this to what the current situation is. If there is a great difference and not in your favour you could talk to a financial expert to see if it is worth leaving your money in the same place or moving it.

This can include stocks and shares, pensions and mortgages make sure that you have a great product; it will pay dividends in the future.


You need to make sure that you will have the best return for your money and if you have chosen a personal pension you will need to make sure that the projected income is still on target.


It is vital that your life insurance is going to pay out if something happens to you. These policies tend to be long term and yet there are many changes that can occur over the period of insurance. You will need to make sure that these changes are passed on so that you are fully covered.

Short Term

There are other options that you might have money invested that you will need to make sure is working hard for you. There are many savings accounts that are more of a short term solution.


If you have had money tied up in a bond, don’t just reinvest the money without thinking, and check what other products there are available to make sure that you have found the best place for your money.

Regular Savings Accounts

Since the interest rates have dropped some banks are offering regular savings accounts, with the promise of high interest returns. These are not products that you should be considering because they are normally worked out on compound interest, this means that each month you will get the interest and not at the end of the term when you have the most money invested.


It is important that you are saving some money each month into a savings account, but you will want to make sure that it is the best place for your money. You will want to get the best return and if you haven’t kept an eye on the interest rate it might have dropped and you will be better to find a more suitable savings account.

Why Review Investments?

You will want to make your money work harder for you and if you let it sit there it might not be the best place. It is the same with insurances if you just renew a policy each year without checking, items might have changed and when you go to make a claim they might not pay the money. It is possible they might even cancel the policy completely and you will be left with nothing. So, keep a close eye on your money and investments to make sure they are working hard.

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