Jim Cramer's Top 3 Stock Picks for 2011

By | January 28, 2011

Jim Cramer shares his top 3 stock picks from Dow Jones for the new year on his Mad Money segment, which aired on Jan 3, 2011.

#1 Stock Pick: AA

Cramer’s top pick is Alcoa (AA). He believes that this company is a takeover candidate. He forecasts a 42% rise for the stock this year.

Price: 15.80 (as of Jan 3, 2011)
P/E: 65.8
Div: 0.12
Div Yield: 0.8%

#2 Stock Pick: INTC

Cramer’s second pick is Intel (INTC). He thinks that Intel’s acquisition of McAfee allows the chipmaker to embed internet security in the computer computer chips and that will give Intel an advantage over the competition. He predicts that the price of INTC could jump 44% to $30 by the end of this year.

Price: 20.85 (as of Jan 3, 2011)
P/E: 10.2
Div: 0.63
Div Yield: 3.0%

#3 Stock Pick: AXP

Cramer’s third pick is American Express (AXP). He tells us that AXP is a growth stock and the stock is greatly undervalued. He thinks that AXP could increase 40% to $60.

Price: 43.40 (as of Jan 3, 2011)
P/E: 14.2
Div: 0.72
Div Yield: 1.7%

Disclaimer: The author owns shares of AXP as of writing the article.

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