Letter to My Readers and Updates About Me

By | November 24, 2007

Dear Readers,

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to do a post. I thought I’ll write some updates about myself in this post.

Firstly, I have noticed that my blog does not load up well on Internet Explorer. It may be because of the Google ads. I’m planning to take down the ads in the center of the page, especially if it’s hindering the performance of the blog. It seems to slow down the load time. Please let me know if you feel the blog loads up too slowly. I’ll try to improve the performance.

Secondly, the traffic has gone down slightly in my blog, perhaps because of my lack of posts. I’ll try to do more posts and connect more with the readers. Most importantly, I’ll update more about my goals and progress.

I told you about my vacation in East Asia in October. My trip to Hong Kong/China was great. There is a lot to see in that place. It’s a fun vacation place. Also, the economy is booming and there are many business opportunities.

My stock portfolio is taking a hit now because of my holdings in the financial companies. I am planning to sell some of my losses to offset my capital gains. This year was a financial roller coaster ride for me because I invested in the oil market in the beginning of the year and then the financial market during the summer.

I have a rental property in Philadelphia as some of you may remember. This house has been rented out as of September. I plan to do a post on that later.

I definitely would like to hear some feedbacks from you. Please feel free to post a comment or email me at growingmoney (at) gmail.com

Thank you all for visiting this blog.

Happy Investing,

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